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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day "Love Jar"

Ahh yes, February 1st - the "official countdown" has begun!! Some of you may be brainstorming about the perfect gift for your Valentine, and I am here to give you a wonderful gift idea! It's called the "Love Jar" or for a longer version "The Many Reasons Why I Love You" jar.
I created one for my husband a couple years ago and it was a huge hit! It's an incredibly edifying gift that's straight from the heart, and can be given to any loved one ANY time of the year! Give it to your spouse, grandparent, parent, child, etc!

*What you will need: Jar of your choice - I used a mason jar.

*Things you'd like to decorate it with - ribbon, scrapbook letters, beautiful paper, etc.

*Strips of paper to write on

*Label for the outside -you can be creative -"Many Reasons Why I Love You", "Love Jar", "I Love You Because...", "So Glad You're Mine", etc.

Next, simply write down the many reasons why you love your Valentine. Think of funny, creative, edifying, specific, and loving things to say. Anything and everything works! Everything from "I love the way you make me laugh", to "I love your cute freckle on your left ear". ;-)
It can take some time and thought to come up with so many unique and different reasons to fill your jar. However, I can assure you that once you get started, it'll just flow and be lots of fun! Not to mention that it's well worth it because you're taking time to think on all the positive things about your Valentine! What could put you in a better mood for that special day? This is a very thoughtful gift and if you use a large jar like I did, you can easily fit over 100 pieces of paper inside.

I hope this inspires you to begin your very own "Love Jar", it will mean the world to whomever you decide to give yours to.
So, what are you waiting for?? Go get started! ;-D



  1. Hi Lauren- I'm visiting from Life of Bliss and your Love Jar definitely gets my vote. So sweet and simple!!!

    -Mike and Ally from TinyWalletStyle.com

  2. I bought some mason jars at a g.s. and I'm using this idea for them for V-Day! Thanks for linking them up to Life of Bliss!!