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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fabric Flower #3 -"Burnt Flowers"

Now I think that Page & Jes saved this flower tutorial for me, since it's super simple (and I like to play with fire -haha). ;-) I have to say that I think this flower has to be one of the most fun to make, due in part because you do indeed get to "burn" the flower! I call this the "Burnt Flower" tutorial.

You will need: Poly-satin fabric, fabric scissors, needle & thread, a few small beads of choice, and a candle flame.

#1) Start out with a poly-satin fabric, pick your favorite color or play it up and combine several different colors for a one of a kind flower.

#2) You can create how ever many "petals" or layers that you'd like. 3, 4, 5+
Cut however many squares aka petals in 1" increments, depending on the size of your flower. I tend to like mine on the larger size, so I started with a 5" increment. Making a 5", 4", 3", 2", and 1"square. As you can see, my "squares" are far from perfect, and THAT is the beauty of this project.

#3) Next, take your scissors and round the edges. Easy enough huh?

#4) Now for the FUN part! Take your candle flame and gently burn the edges, the fabric SHOULD respond appropriately with lightly burning and curling to look like a flower petal. Not all fabrics work so well, but a poly-satin blend tends to work perfectly. Be careful not to burn yourself while doing this, and if you happen to get a little crazy with it and burn the fabric, simply cut the black area off and try again.

These are pretty fool proof, hence why this is MY flower tutorial. haha!

#5) Next pick a few beads for the center of the flower. Then arrange your petals together and take a complimentary thread and start sewing the petals together with a couple of stitches. Complete the look by sewing the beads in the center! Voila! Easiest flower EVER!

Now you may ask, what can you do with these flowers? Well....I'm glad you asked!!

Create a fashionable headband, set of hair clips, brooch, baby booties, baby headband, attach to a hat, pin on a necklace, decorate a gift, be creative - the possibilities are endless! Check out some ideas on how to creatively use your fabric flowers, several flower types are shown below.

Stay tuned for our 4th and final flower tutorial tomorrow!