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Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend of Flowers! "Rosettes"

Ok--so, I looooOOOOOOooooove fabric flowers. This is one trend that I am totally smitten with. They are so versatile. They can make a statement, add flair, and just say something about you. (Yes--all of that from one little accessory!)

I don't know if many of you are as crazy about these as I am--but if you are, I'm sure a lot of you have priced them, and then rethought letting yourself become addicted to these little staples.

So, here AP31 is to save the day! Let your addiction fly--because these are SO EASY and way cheap to make.

This weekend, we are going to show you a few different types of fabric flowers, and how to make them.

First up: "Rosettes"

You will need:

*a strip of fabric
*needle and complimentary thread
*tacky glue

Choose a fabric that is fun and represents you! I had this one on hand--found at Walmart on clearance for next to nothing. Me likey! : )

One thing I want to stress is that flower making of any kind is not an exact science--but that is part of the beauty of it. I ripped a strip of fabric that was around 3" or so thick, and quite long. Making the strip too long leaves me the ability to keep going as long as I want--and to fluff all that I want to fluff. : )

Fold your strip in half, sew a little stitch...

and start rolling!

I begin with a roll--all of this to my taste--and add stitches here and there as I go to keep everything where I want it!

The further I go--the more I start playing around with the fabric. I move it up and down--puff it up here and there--loose here, tight there... All whatever is pleasing to the eye. Just placing enough stitches to keep everything where I want it.

I love how creative you can be. Just keep going! : )

and going...

until you are happy and love it!

And then you're done!

It may need a little "poofing" and shaping in the end. Remember, make it just how you want to!

Now, most stop here--but I like to go one step further. I hate the way these look on the back, when you can see all the stitching.

Not pretty.

So if you want--cut out a little circle (which does not have to be perfect)...

add a little tacky glue...

and attach to the back.

Hmmm... Much better. : )

Then you are done with your flower!

You can do what you want with it: hair bow, hair band, pinned to your shirt, pinned to your purse... The possibilities are endless...

Again, I am just crazy about these things! I hope that my tutorial was enough to show you how to start your own rosette fun!! : )

We are looking forward to the rest of the tutorials coming this weekend--ALL THINGS FABRIC FLOWERS!!

Enjoy and craft away!


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