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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fabric Flower #2!

And the obsession continues! : )

Here is our second fabric flower! I'm not exactly sure what this one is called--other than WAY CUTE!!! He he!! Thanks, Jes!!

What You'll need :
Strong, Heavy Thread
Hot Glue Gun
A CD or another round object to trace your circles

This fabric flower is a great way to use up your scrap fabric. I only used one kind of fabric for my flower, but you can use as many patterns and colors as you want.

First, using a cd or other round object trace 8 circles onto your fabric and cut out.

Next, cut each circle in half. An easy way to find the center line of your circle is to fold the circle in half, iron it flat, then cut along the crease you just made.

My flower only has 7 petals, so I only used 7 half circles. You can have as many or as few petals as you want. After all of your circles are cut in half, fold each piece in half again right sides together. (It should look like a triangle with a rounded bottom.) Take your needle and thread and run a straight stitch along the straight edge of your fabric making sure to knot the beginning and end.

Turn each piece right side out and use something pointy to poke out the corner.

Using strong, heavy thread, sew a straight stitch along the curved end of a flattened petal.

When coming to the end of a petal, do not knot. Instead, continue to sew on the next petal.

Do this until you have strung as many petals as you want on your flower.

Grab each end of the thread and pull taught while tying a knot. Trim off what's left of your thread.

Cut out a circle of felt or heavy fabric and hot glue it to the back of your flower. This gives the flower more stability.

Hot glue a cute button or two in the center of the flower and your done!

Be on the watch for more flowers soon! Yeah!!

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