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Friday, October 15, 2010

Stylin' Baby!

To Applique is to sew a piece of fabric on top of another piece of fabric. Today we are going to Applique a tie onto a onesie! This has recently gained a lot of popularity and I can see why! It's so cute and from start to finish I only spent 10 minuets on this project!

Supplies Needed for this project are :

* A 4" x 8" piece of fabric. I am using a piece of scrap fabric that I used in yesterday's Crafty Creation!
* A pre-washed Onesie or other shirt
* An Iron
* A sewing Machine
* Matching thread
* Scissors
* The tie template (see bottom of post)**
* Heat-n-bond light
- Heat-n-bond is a paper-backed iron on adhesive. It is usually sold by the yard at craft an fabric stores and is located with the interfacing. Ask a sales associate is you can't find it : )

First, cut a pice of Heat-N-Bond that is slightly smaller than your 4" x 8" piece of fabric. Place it textured side down onto the back side of your fabric. Run an iron set to medium temperature over the top for a few seconds.

Let the fabric cool down before handling and leave the paper backing on.

Print and cut out your tie template and position it on top of your fabric. Trace around the template and then cut out.

As you wash your onesie, the edges of the applique may fray. I personally like the frayed look, but if you do not, there is a way to prevent it. Fray Check is a liquid plastic that withstands machine washing . It comes in a little bottle and you can purchase it at any fabric store. Just apply Fray Check to the edged of your applique and let dry.

Now, peel off the paper backing. It should come off easily and leave a shiny adhesive on the back of your fabric. If you have trouble pulling the paper off, repeat the ironing process in the previous steps.

Place your tie adhesive side down onto your onesie. Make sure you have it positioned the way you want it now, because after you iron it down, it's more or less permanent!

Set your hot iron on top of the applique for a few seconds an it will fuse the tie to your onesie. Move the iron around so that you cover the whole tie.

If your sewing machine has a removable arm attachment, remove it now. If yours doesn't, that's okay. It just makes putting the onesie under the needle easier.

Open your onesie up and slide it onto you sewing machine arm.

Now it's time to sew around the edges of the applique. Sew 1/8 inch from the edge and make sure that when you come to a corner, that you keep the needle in the DOWN position, lift your presser foot, turn your fabric to position it, and then lower your presser foot back down.

Sew all the way around the applique and also sew across the 'knot' part of the tie making sure to backstitch at the start and finish.

Easy, right?!? You can make your own appliques in any shape or fabric you want! We would love to see what you can make!


**If you'd like the pattern for this super cute applique tutorial, email us at achievingproverbs31(at)gmx(dot)com - and we will be more than happy to send it to you. Be assured that we will keep your email address private and for no other use.


  1. So Cute! I am e-mailing you right now for the pattern! I love all of the crafts Jes posts!!!