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Monday, October 11, 2010

October Eye Candy!

I love seasonal decorating... It just has this way of really getting you in the mood for any season. And since I'm not quite ready to bring on all the full fledged fall furnishings... : ) I decided to try out some more "October" feeling decor...

Now--I'm not big on scare crows or scary halloween stuff... So what's a girl to do?

And then the answer came to me--in the mail! A while back, I posted about getting free stuff--and magazines are my particular favorite... That's how I ended up with an issue of Woman's Day this month--and it was full of the absolute cutest things to decorate with candy corns. Yes--yummy candy corns gone designer... I love these crafts!

They truly are beautiful and cute... I had to try one of them! So for this post, I picked the one I had the materials on hand for...

What you'll need:

*something to put your sticks in (like a vase)
*hot glue gun
*candy corns

This is a very simple, very cheap, very quick, very cute craft. I only spent $1 on the candy corns--and the sticks were free in the back, front, and all around yard (remember, I live in the middle of nowhere, in the woods... good times!)

First--arrange your sticks in your vase of choice...

Then--get those extremely bad-for-you candy corns out of the bag... (REMEMBER--bad for you!)

And hot glue those bad boys to the sticks in various places... You can also glue them in cute little clusters, too... Just whatever you like best!

Put some of the candy corns in the bottom of the vase--and you're done! These twig crafts are extremely popular right now--but it has taken me some time to develop an appreciation for them... : )

Here is another really cute one I found today on WD's website. I REALLY love it... It may replace this one... : ) But if you're partial to the candy corns, check out this month's issue for some other really great ideas!

Look for many more crafts coming this week!! All "not quite fall" but not "scary Halloween" and, well... just right! : )

Take pictures of your crafts that you make and send them to us for your chance and getting your design featured on the blog! Can't wait to see them!

Hope you enjoy!


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