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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fourth and Final Flower: Simplified Yo-yo

This last fabric flower is very simple--and still very stylish. The more of them I make--them more I love them...

So here's what you'll need:

*Strips of Fabric
*Needle and Thread
*Large Beads or Buttons

The thickness of the strip is all to taste--depending on how big you want your flower to be... I think mine was around 3"-4". (I'm really bad about not measuring things.) The length of mine was 12"--but again, this can vary greatly depending on what you want.

Fold your strip in half. You can press this if you want--I DON'T want... : )

Start sewing in the wrong spot--try to pull it out--and make a big mess.


Now, sew a loose baste stitch in the correct place--around an 1/8th" from the bottom--all along the bottom of your fabric strip.

Start scrunching the fabric along the stitch.

Stop mid-tutorial to give your kid some breakfast.

Then get back to scrunching...

See the flower forming?!?!? Yeah!!

Tuck one side of the strip into the other. Fold the end of the strip that is exposed inward.

Laugh at just how bad that picture really was. : )

Sew a stitch down the fold with matching thread. I didn't use a matching thread--so it would show up better for the picture.

Now--after your stitches are secure--fluff up your flower and scrunch accordingly... : ) Until it's just the way you want it.

Your stitch should be hidden at this point.

Now--here, I need you to use your imagination. Let's pretend that I had this really cute pearl button with a gold outline around it to place in the center of this flower.

Wasn't that beautiful?

But, did I have that on hand? Nope. So we must improvise! : )

So I found these beads to place in the middle. Not bad--but buttons are much less fussy. : )

Get creative with these.

Oh... I love red...

You can put these anywhere. Pin it to your shirt--add it to a bag--add it to a hair clip...

Then try to take pictures of it in your hair...

Because we would love to see what you came up with!! : D

Fabric flowers are so much fun! I hope you all have enjoyed all of these posts. We have so much in store for the coming months and holidays!! Think--weeks of fall crafts, apple recipes, and BIG plans for Christmas! Oh--I can't wait!!

Please stay tuned and enjoy!! : )


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