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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Tip Wednesday!

I learned about this nifty little tip a couple of years ago and felt SO stupid for never realizing it before!!

I'm sure we've all grabbed the aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc, and accidentally yanked the entire roll out of the box in the process! That is SO annoying!!

However, did you know that there are these neat little tabs at the end of each box to lock the roll into place?!? I know that many of you probably already knew about this and are pretty brilliant to have avoided yanking the entire roll out of the box because of it. ;-) However, for those of you who were like me a few years ago....please take this "quick tip" to heart! It's so useful!!

Do you have a "Quick Tip" to share with everyone?? List it below in the comments with your name, and perhaps we'll blog about it in your honor!! ;-D



  1. I use lemon juice to clean my stainless pans - it works even better than soap! You just squirt a little bit in the pan while the pan is still HOT and the mess cleans right up (but you MUST do it while the pan is HOT). I learned this handy little tip at a Japanese Steakhouse, where they cook right in front of you...works like a charm :)

  2. A piece of bread in your cookie jar with cookies of course :) will help keep your cookies from becoming stale.

  3. oh also you can freeze rice ! check out my blog post on it.. http://1cookinmama.blogspot.com/