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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Setting the Mood for the Holidays!

If you have been keeping up with all of the Crafty Creations, you know that I love to repurpose stuff! And not just fabric either! You can repurpose just about anything! Thrift stores and antique shops are filled with items that can go from old and dusty to chic and modern with the help of a little paint!

This post isn't much of a how-to, but more of a "Look at the possibilities!" type of post : )

A few days ago, I was wondering the isles of my local Goodwill and saw something that I had to get!

I am not sure what this thing is actually called, but my Granny always put her perfume and nail polishes on top of one similar to this. I thought this one would make a beautiful Christmas candle plate! All it needed was a new paint job...

First, I took it apart. Luckily the bottom and mirror slid off easily!

Whenever you paint something always clean it first. Dust will make your paint job look less than perfect : ) Also, make sure you are in a well ventilated area and put newspapers down to protect the surface you are painting on.

I prefer spray paint for most of the projects I do. One great plus side of using spray paint is that the clean up is super easy! The down side is that there aren't that many color options. When spray painting something, it's better to spray a few thin coats, letting the paint dry between coats, than to do a heavy coat. This way you avoid drips!

I chose a beautiful red color in keeping with the Christmas theme!

What's the point of a candle plate without candles!?! One popular trend this year is glittered candles. I was going to just buy some at Target until I realized 3 were going to cost me $17!!! Yeah Right! So, I headed over to the Dollar Tree and got these three candles for a buck a piece.

To make glitter candles you also need spray adhesive and glitter, both of which I already had at home. I prefer super fine glitter over the chunky glitter, but to each their own : )

Yeah, Yeah, I know...spray adhesive IS flammable! Well, at least the fumes are. Before spraying your candles down with adhesive first cover the tops. That way the flame isn't near the adhesive. I had these circle stickers that covered the tops of my candles perfectly.

I checked around and made sure that this was safe to do, and it is. Martha Stewart herself said it was!

Spray your candles with a light coat of spray adhesive and then sprinkle your glitter all over.

Remove the protective tops and let your candles dry overnight.

I love how candle light bounces and reflects off of mirrors! Really sets the mood ;)

Goes perfect with the snow--yeah? : D

Now that's what I call an UPGRADE!

Make sure to check in tomorrow for the 3rd Christmas Crafty Creation!

Have Fun, Be Thrifty, and Use Your Imagination!!!!



  1. Simply Beautiful!!!!!

  2. I believe it is called a vintage vanity mirror. My Grandmother also had one of these except hers was an oval shape. It IS amazing what a coat of paint can do! Great transformation, Jes!