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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions....

Happy 2011!!! We are now 3 days into this new year and I'm sure that every one of you desires for this year to be even better than the last. I'm not one to typically make resolutions, but there are a few that I've resolved myself to work at. I think the most common resolution is to lose weight, that stemming from all the delectable Christmas goodies we just ate. ;-)
I think the goal of healthy eating should be a resolution for everyone. For me personally, I have a goal to go through each room of my house and organize. You know, the really detailed type of organizing. As far as true resolutions go, mine are more of a spiritual nature. My desire is to be closer to Christ this year than I was last year, to become more Godly in my way of thinking, life, etc. I also have a goal to begin memorizing scripture. We have a revival going on at our church right now with Evangelist Gerald Fielder. Yesterday in Sunday School, he challenged us to begin memorizing God's Word for, it is a command! Have you ever thought about it that way? I sure haven't! We are to hide God's Word in our hearts that we might not SIN against our Lord! When you think about it in that light, it becomes a very serious issue. I did a blog post on this that can be viewed here, but wanted to elaborate on it to share some key points on how to practically go about actually doing it.

These tips were compiled for our learning by Evangelist Gerald Fielder.

There is a procedure for memorizing Scripture.

-Can just anyone memorize God's Word? YES!

**Things to NOT do when attempting to memorize Scripture.

1. You should not take on more than you can continue with. (otherwise you'll become overwhelmed and quickly give up)

2. You should not try to memorize whole chapters or books. (that way, each verse will be a stand alone verse in your mind)

3. You should not try to quote before you can quote correctly. (don't reinforce error in your mind)

**There are 3 laws that govern memorization.

1. The law of association.
Categorize the verses you would like to memorize in a notebook. (i.e.- God's love, sin, salvation, God's grace, etc.)

2. The law of impression.
You are more likely to easily memorize a verse that impresses your heart. When something makes an impression on you, it is not easily forgotten.

3 The law of repetition.

A. Read repetitiously, read your Bible until it says something to you. Take it a step further and memorize verses that especially touch your heart, it'll make it a blessing instead of a chore.

B. Write repetitiously. This takes time, but is very helpful in the memorization process!

C. Use the 3x5 card method.

Print at least 5 verses on one side of the card using correct punctuation, and on the other side print only the references.
- 3 times each day for 7 days, read these verses through.
-then continue this for 5 weeks- meaningfully and deliberately, (total of 105 times)

D. Review repetitiously - set up a routine and be organized.
Pleace memorized cards in a card file box, and place that file box in a conspicuous place for everyday use.

The Devil will fight against you learning Scripture, because he knows that Christians who hide God's Word in their hearts are much more prone to doing right and pleasing God.

The more we know our Bible, the more we'll increase in knowledge of God. We'll be more equipped to live this life for Christ, which is something every Christian should strive for!

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."

These are some great methods for memorizing Scripture and something to definitely share with your spouse and children.

Tomorrow I'll post in detail some of the wonderful purposes in memorizing God's Word!

Happy Monday!


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