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Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Nursery {Part I- The Inspiration}

Baby Nursery Part I :- The Inspiration

Ahh yes, I'm going on 32 weeks pregnant and have been brainstorming about our baby boy's nursery since day 1! I'm SUPER excited that my "painting crew" aka friends and family will be beginning the nursery transformation the 1st wknd of June! Yay! I will be sure to take pictures and share with all of you.

As I began thinking about what kind of nursery I wanted for our little guy, several adjectives came to mind - artsy, eclectic, vintage, unique, light and airy, fresh, and still baby appropriate. I have very expensive taste, but just like many of you - I had no intention of spending tons of $$ on this decorating excursion. In fact, I find GREAT satisfaction in finding exactly what I want for a steal of a deal or making it myself. I guess that's the treasure hunter in me, maybe I'm part pirate? Argghhh, matey. Ok, lame....anyway....I am thrilled to report that I've found exactly what I envisioned at the exact cost I envisioned. I'll be blogging about these various stages of the nursery decorating and hope you enjoy the transformation.

This is a "Crafty Creations" post because my inspiration fabric just happens to be a tablecloth! Yes, you heard right! How cool is that? It's just the right material, fits precisely with my color scheme, and exactly what I could NOT find in the fabric stores. This tablecloth is the inspiration fabric that the rest of the nursery will be designed around. Enjoy this sneak peek and stay tuned for "Crafty Creation" posts of the work in progress. I guarantee there will be lots of creativity going into this space. Turning a tablecloth into crib bedding is just ONE of the many ideas.

Be inspired by what you see around you and don't hesitate to turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

Stay tuned for more Baby Nursery posts in the coming weeks!!



  1. I have the napkins to match...you gave them to me!

  2. I (my mom and a good friend) made my bed skirt out of some clearance tablecloths after failing to find anything I liked in a store. The greatest part about them I didn't have to hem it because I liked the decorative edging already on the table cloth. Now I'm constantly on the lookout for them. Looking forward to see your baby's room.

  3. Honestly, I think there might actually be a little bit of pirate in there. As it were... Haha, I can always out-lame you! ;) Wish I could be there to help! You know how I LOVE to paint. :D
    J/K, I'd do it in a heartbeat, as you know. Love you and miss you!