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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Tip Wednesday: Try it!

So, this "quick tip" is not anything uber amazing-but just some thoughts and ideas to help save in the calorie department! Who can't use a little help in these areas? : )

Try It: Without Butter

Hold on--I think Paula Deen just fell off her chair and half the south wept at the thought! : )

In all seriousness, I have learned to love so many things without butter--that I once thought couldn't come without it!

Some of the biggest culprits? Corn on the cob and restaurant bread/rolls. I rarely have butter on these items any more. Honestly, (to me) they just don't need it. Just give it a try (or two)--you'll learn to love these items for what they are--which is wonderful--without all the added calories.

Try It: With a little less or no salt.

Is Paula Deen crying now? (Ha ha! No worries, Paula! I still love your cooking shows!)

I don't think most realize just how much salt they eat in a day! (Or how much comes in the food they order!) It can be just out right ridiculous!

All I'm saying is--just give your foods a try with less (or without)! Some things may take some adapting--some just may not be edible with out some salt. But, just try it! You may surprise yourself at what really doesn't need much, if any, salt on your plate!

Try It: Veggies you've always hated--or ones you've been afraid to try!

My tastes have changed so much since I was younger. I used to cringe and gag at the thought of greens or pinto beans--but now, they are things that I love or maybe even crave! (No--this is not just a prego thing! : )

Just try a little--here and there. You may still hate these items--or you may surprise yourself with a new item to love!

Do you have any other "Try It" tips? Let us know!! Every little bit helps! : )


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