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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sick Days...

My poor hubby and I have been battling the flu and it is NO fun! We hate having to miss church, but alas - we know that nobody wants our sick germs. The wonderful thing about technology these days is that we know of several Biblically sound churches that stream their services via the internet!!

Now, this should in no way be a replacement for going to church, as the Bible tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. However, on those sick days, or when your kids are sick, etc - this is a great thing!

It never occurred to me to BLOG about these wonderful churches, but I have several I'd like to share with you - in different time zones no less! Simply click on the link and you'll quickly find a link to their "live services" on each website.

Those of you in Central time zone, click here for Fargo Baptist Church with Pastor Tony Scheving

For those of you on EST click here for Temple Baptist Church with Pastor Clarence Sexton

or here for Lehigh Valley Baptist Church with Pastor Ron Hammet

or if you're PST click here for Lancaster Baptist Church with Pastor Paul Chappell

I pray this is a blessing to you, for the next time you're home on a "sick day" or are simply able to tune in to one of these live services. Sadly, I can't recommend just ANY church, but am thankful that I can safely recommend each of the above to you. They are Scripturally sound and base their teaching on GOD'S WORD alone! What a blessing!



  1. Can I send you the link to two more churches? One here in Washington (the one that we currently attend) and another in TN (the one that we used to attend). I promise that both are strong KJV and as Biblically fundamental as they come! They are both along the lines of Pastor Sexton/Temple :)

  2. Sure :-) I'll probably keep the post the way it is just for simplicity sake, but would love to have the links -send them on! :-D

  3. I really love to watch Charles Stanley when we're at home!