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Monday, May 2, 2011

Make Your Momma Happy!

Do you realize that Mother's Day is just a scant week away (actually less than that -yikes!!)?? The official count-down has begun, so my question is - do you have that perfect gift for Mom taken care of yet??

Sometimes I really struggle with finding that "perfect gift". Perhaps I over-think, or just over-complicate things, but I really like to give a gift that's meaningful, practical and something the person will really love.
Here's a wonderful gift idea for the Mom that loves jewelry (what girl doesn't?)- a custom Jewelry Organizer! Now, I made my sister one of these for Christmas and my Mom one for her birthday and I have to tell you that they were a HUGE hit! My Mom LOVES having a beautiful place to neatly store all of her "bling". She enjoys being able to display it in such a way that she doesn't have to dig through a jewelry box, only to realize that she can't find that other earring. I'm sure you've seen several tutorials done on various blogs about the infamous framed jewelry organizer, but this is one I especially love because it has ample space for earrings!!

Jewelry Organizer Tutorial

What you will need:
-Frame of your choice - spray painted to your liking (optional)
-Crafter's board to attach to the back of frame (and fasten fabric to)
-Fabric of choice, enough to cover the size of your board
-Glue gun
-Heavy Duty Staple Gun
-Hooks for top of organizer (optional)
-Chicken wire - 1/2" mesh
-Hanging bracket hardware

Now I will tell you that I did not exactly plan too well for this craft. This was completely a "fly by the seat of your pants" craft, and my husband was the one to save the day. However, despite my lack of planning, the results were wonderful. These organizers turned out exactly how I envisioned. Yes, sometimes I'm a better visionary than I am a crafter. :-P

This craft can really be as inexpensive or expensive as you'd like it to be, it really depends on what kind of frame and fabric you choose to use. I purchased two oak frames at a garage sale for $.25 cents each and opted to spray paint them a beautiful glossy black. I used fabric that I already had for one, and purchased the other piece of remnant fabric at Hobby Lobby. This really helped to keep the cost down!

I purchased my chicken wire at my local home improvement store, be sure to wear gloves and have some kind of metal snips to cut the wire - it will hurt you otherwise!! I think the chicken wire was the most frustrating to work with, but if you're careful it definitely adds a special touch and a place to organize countless pairs of earrings! (totally worth it in my book)

To Assemble:

Take an ugly frame and spray paint it! (optional)

Cut your board to fit snugly inside your frame, you will need enough room to fit the board with fabric AND chicken wire and still fit it inside your frame. It takes a bit of measuring, eye-balling, and tweaking to get it right. This is the part that my hunky hubby really came in handy. ;-) I could never have safely cut this board on my rug without totally destroying it. Ha!

Take your fabric and cut enough to overlap around the board, securing with hot glue.
(sorry, no pic - should be pretty self-explanatory)

Cut the chicken wire large enough to fold over the edges of the board. WEAR GLOVES and use wire snips that stuff is sharp.

Take your fabric covered board and carefully wrap with chicken wire (remember to wear gloves!!). Now firmly fit your fabric and wired board into the frame. Staple edges to frame to secure. This chicken wire is a PAIN to work with, but is SO worth it to provide place for all those earrings! It's so convenient.

Screw hooks for necklaces and bracelets along the top. If needed, spray paint them to match your frame, or purchase in the color of your choice.

*Attach a hanging bracket to the back of the frame to hang it on the wall.

The end result will be unique, functional, and beautiful! Take it a step further and buy your Mom some new jewelry to display on her new organizer!

Head over to my Etsy shop for beautiful handcrafted jewelry and take advantage of the Mother's Day special going on now. FREE SHIPPING and 10% off when you enter the promo code MOTHERSDAY2011. You have until Sunday, May 8th to take advantage of this special offer!

Let's celebrate Mom and let her know how important she truly is!


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