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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Salted Caramels

My sister and I are crazy for caramel! Seriously, if you say caramel - you have our attention. ;-)

We came across this recipe on Pinterest, (one of our other addictions), and decided to try it out. Let's just say it was a huge success!!

Warning to those of you who will attempt this recipe at home - once made, these buttery, salty, creamy caramels are impossible to stop eating!!!!

Thanks to Baking Bites for this fabulous recipe! Check it out- they have lots of other yummy inspiration to choose from!

Note, when making these: Any coarse sea salt that you like will work well. The recipe recommends flaky Maldon Sea Salt, which has a great flavor, excellent texture and a beautiful look. After all, you do eat with your eyes!

Once the caramel is prepared, you can pour it into a 9×9 glass or pyrex baking dish. The 9×9 makes caramels of a nice thickness (which I highly recommend), but if you want to make your caramels smaller (or just make a lot more of them), you can also use a 9×13 pan and get thinner caramels. Do not forget to grease the pan with butter before adding the caramel! Remember to use a very sharp, warm (run under hot water and dried) knife for best results when slicing and removing caramels from pan.

Salted Caramels

Homemade Sea Salt Caramels

Homemade Sea Salt Caramels
1/3 cup water
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1/2 tsp salt
1 – 2 tbsp sea salt (rec. Maldon brand)

Lightly grease a 9×9 -inch glass or pyrex baking dish with butter or a thin coat of vegetable oil.
In a large saucepan, combine water, corn syrup and sugar. Bring to a boil over high heat, then continue to boil until caramel turns a deep honey color (10-14 minutes).
While sugar cooks, combine cream and butter in a microwave-safe bowl and cook for 1-2 minutes on high heat, until butter is melted. Set aside.
When sugar is a deep honey color, pour in cream mixture. Caramel will bubble up vigorously. Stir until bubbles subside slightly, then stir in salt. Attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and continue to cook, stirring regularly with a silicone spatula, until caramel reaches 260F (5-10 minutes).
Pour caramel into prepared dish. Allow caramel to cool completely, then sprinkle evenly with sea salt.
Cut caramels into small squares or rectangles with a warm, sharp knife.
Caramels can be served immediately or wrapped in small squares of wax paper. Caramels will keep for a few weeks at room temperature.

Makes about 3-4 dozen, depending on the size of your caramels.

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