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~Lauren & Page

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"There's no place like home...."

I am definitely a "people person", I love meeting new people and taking an interest in their lives. That was one of the highlights of my previous job as a Dental Assistant. I was constantly meeting people day -in and day out. Since then, I am happily a Wife, Domestic Engineer, Photographer, and Jewelry Designer. I love being a homemaker!
Sean & I affectionately call our charming 1920's home "Sean & Lauren's Bed & Breakfast" aka "S&L's B&B".I love to cook, we both love to entertain, and our home just happens to be the perfect setting for combining the two. We've had many visitors this Summer and have enjoyed each and every guest! Sean & I are a great team, and we strive to help people to feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome at our place. I have turned my love for people into turning my home into a warm and hospitable environment for those that we entertain!I believe the gift of hospitality is a lost art these days. We live in a busy world, one that has little time for anyone else. The Proverbs 31 woman made time for others and went out of her way to be a servant to those that she met. We, by no means have mastered this art, but our goal is to make a habit of being hospitable. Reaching out to others, taking the time to nurture and develop friendships, and showing the love of Christ through our lives takes time, but is so rewarding. People are what life is all about. It's too easy to be self focused. Practice being others focused and you'll find yourself truly happy, while being a blessing to those around you. It doesn't come naturally, but it's something for us all to work on everyday!

In closing, you don't have to live in the South to show that good ol' Southern hospitality. You heard right, Page! This Northern gal can do it too. haha! Give it a try!

Oh and if you're ever in our "neck of the woods", give us a holla and stop by "S&L's B&B". :-D


P.S. Sean makes a MEAN breakfast - it's slap yo momma good!!

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  1. Amen to everything you said sweet Lauren! This is yet ANOTHER reason why I love you so much! You're just my kind of girl and the best thing that ever happened to my Sean-boy.
    Mom Shaffer