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Friday, September 3, 2010

Our First Crafty Creation! Designer Magnets!

Ever wonder what you can do with left over pieces of scrapbook paper? This is a cute and useful way to make sure your beautiful scraps don't go to waste.

Magnets are so useful to have on your refrigerator. Trash those ugly food delivery magnets and replace them with these cheap and easy to make magnets . Here is what you need :

1.) A bag of clear, flat-bottomed glass pebbles.

You can find these at any craft store. They are usually located in the floral section. They come in a smaller size and a larger size. I opted for the larger size for this project.

2.) A clear / flexible craft glue (silicone based)

3.) Scraps of pretty paper

4.) Scissors

5.) Pen

6.) Strong magnets.

I got a pack of 50 magnets at Hobby Lobby for about $3.50!

Step 1 : Position a pebble over the image you wish to use and trace around it with a pen. Don't worry too much about accuracy at this point because we will trim the excess later. I am using thick scrapbook paper, but if what you are using is thin like comics from the newspaper, you may want to glue it onto another piece of scrap paper to make it thicker so the glue will not soak through and ruin your image. You can repurpose your junk mail for this.

Cut out all of your traced circles.

Step 2 : Use a toothpick to apply a generous amount of glue to the flat side of the pebble.

Step 3 : Adhere the image you cut out to the pebble making sure to press firmly and remove any small air bubbles in the glue.

Wipe away excess glue and trim away any excess paper sticking out from the pebble.

Step 4 : After that glue has dried a bit, apply glue to one side of the magnet and press firmly onto the back of your pebble.

When letting the glue dry, make sure not to place your magnets to close to one another. I made this mistake and my magnets slapped together and made a huge mess! : )

Step 5 : Let your glue dry for a day then beautify your refrigerator with them!

Here are some other neat ideas when making your magnets:

* Use buttons! Layer your buttons by stringing them together first and then glue your magnet.

* Use comics or small scale photos of your friends!

* Make your own alphabet! Print out letters in fun fonts and adhere them to smaller sized pebbles. Great for leaving special messages to your hunny bunny every morning!

This is such a fun and easy craft that really ands some uniqueness to your kitchen.

I bought enough supplies to do about 50 magnets, and the cost was only around $9!!!

Be creative, and let us know what you come up with! We can't wait to see!


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