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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Does Your Facebook Status Say About YOU?

This is a topic that most can relate to since Facebook is the new and improved way to connect with friends, family, acquaintances, clients, co-workers, etc. I find that like most things, it can either be used for good or for evil. Like everything in life, it surely has its pros and cons.

Something that I've noticed a lot lately is the ever popular FB status. I don't think that many people really "think" about what they write in their status. I've found that FB never fails to truly reflect the individual, because as the Bible says in Matthew 12:34"...for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.". It can be a sad thing to really be introduced to the real person through FB. Other times, it can be a true blessing and encouragement!

What does your Facebook status say about YOU? Are you encouraging and edifying? Are you a complainer? Do you use FB to vent your frustrations (not really thinking about the fact that you're venting to a whole lot more people than you intended?) Do you berate your spouse, not really caring that you're disrespecting him/her to the FB world? Or do you take the time to respect and praise your spouse, thanking the Lord for him/her? Do you use your FB status to send secret messages that really aren't that "secret"? Are your status updates hypocritical? Does your status say one thing and your life reflect another? What about those status updates that you regret? Why not think through it first?

Facebook can be used for good, it can be a true blessing to those around you. It's a forum that you can openly share your heart, faith, and life in. We have over 500 contacts on our FB, and there are SO many status updates that encourage us, glorify God, or give us a good laugh. The next time FB prompts the Q - "What's on your mind?" -why not think through it first and try to leave a FB status that you know you won't be ashamed of later. Think -Funny, witty, biblical, encouraging, edifying, loving, instead of disrespectful, spiteful, bitter, negative, and venting. (trust me, you'll make your friends that much happier being "friends" on FB)

With that in mind, see ya around the "FB world" :-D


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