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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Felt Flower Wreath

This will be my last Fall / Thanksgiving crafty creation of 2010! As sad as I am to see this beautiful season pass by so fast, I am super excited to start thinking about Christmas! On December 1st I will be kicking off a week long string of tutorials geared towards December decorating and home-made Christmas gift ideas!

So, the first Giveaway was a success!!!...but it left my door wreath-less :/ With thanksgiving just 1 week away, I needed another wreath! Here are the materials I needed for this crafty creation :

* A wreath
- I bought a straw wreath from Hobby Lobby but you can re-purpose an old wreath like we did in our October Wreath Tutorial found HERE
* Yarn
* Different colors of felt
- Felt is really cheap @ 4 squares for $1 at most craft stores!!!
* Hot glue gun
* scissors
* Pencil
* Piece of paper
* A decorative craft stem....We'll get to that later : )

First, I wrapped my wreath with yarn. Secure your yarn on the back of the wreath with a bit of hot glue and start wrapping. This took a while, so I caught up on the news while I wrapped : )

After the entire wreath is wrapped, hot glue the end of the yard to the back of the wreath.

For the felt flowers, I started by drawing a petal shape onto a piece of paper, and then I cut it out.

Place your petal template on top of a piece of felt and cut around it. Cut out 5 petals.

Now on your template draw a smaller petal inside of the large petal shape and cut it out.

Using the smaller petal shape cut out 5 more petals in a coordinating color of felt.

Place a line of hot glue on the back of one of the smaller petals and place it on top of a larger petal.

Before the glue hardens, quickly fold the petal in half and hold in that position for a few seconds while the glue sets. Your petal should have a little more shape to it and look a little more 3 dimensional.

Next I cut off the ends of the petals.

Cut a small circle out of the same color felt as your big petal and start hot glueing the petals into the center.

When you are done your flower should look something like this.

For the center of the flowers, I bought a decorative Christmas stem from the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby. It was 1/2 off and cost about .50!

I cut off a ball and hot glued it the center of the flower.

I made 5 flowers in all, varying up the colors and sizes of petals. You can make more or less depending on how you want your wreath to look.

All that's left to do is position the flowers onto your wreath and hot glue into place!

All together the wreath cost less than $6 to make! Here is a break down of the costs:

Wreath - $1.75
Yarn - $2.30
Felt - $1
Decorative Stem - $0.50

This proves you don't have to spend a fortune to make beautiful decorations! I always shop sales and use coupons to get the most bang for my buck. Make sure to check in next Teusday because I will be blogging about where I shop for all my supplies and how I get my coupons! I will also give you a sneak peak into my workspace where all of the Crafty Creations are made!


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  1. Those beautiful felt flowers have so many wonderful possibilities! I love both wreaths that you have made and posted!