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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Challenge, Nov 19th-23rd

Colossians 3:15b "...be ye thankful."

Time to play a little catch up! I love that we have something to be thankful for each day! Lauren, I am so glad you got this challenge together for AP31, to keep us accountable to our Lord for all the wonderful things He does! It's been an uber blessing to me! ; )

So here is what I have been ever so thankful for these past few days!!

Nov 19th: Good news. I love getting good news! Especially good, rock-your-socks-off, tear-in-the-eye, big-smile-all-over-face news that would make anyone's day!

Nov 20th: Hobby Lobby sales. I just love H.L. (or as Little Red calls it, "Wobby Wobby") When I go to H.L. and see items for sale 50%, 60%, or even 80% off--my heart just melts... And they have been having all the perfect sales for me lately!! : D

Nov 21st: Babies. Today, I went and photographed two, brand-spankin' new, newborn twins. They were adorable! I oversee the preschool and nursery ministry at our church, so I get first glimpses at all of our little bundles... Ohhhh... Little toes, little hands, coos, and cuddles... I just love babies!

Nov 22nd: A studio. One of the reasons I have been so busy lately (and quite behind on blogging) is because we are in the process of opening up a studio! We have been working day and night on our studio space--and I am totally thrilled with how it is all coming together! I will get pics up soon! The Lord has blessed us more than a gagillion ways from the very beginning of our space--and I am soooooooooo thankful and grateful!!!!!!

Nov 23rd: Rain. I love a rainy day. I could live in dreary, rainy days most of the year and be more than happy. I woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain, and it is still going now... Makes me feel good. I know most people prefer the sun, but give me a rainy day any day! : )

And now, I am thankful to be caught up! : D


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