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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Home of Crafty Creations! : D

I have been posting Crafty Creations for a while now and, if you haven't noticed, I have my hands in just about every type of craft imaginable! That means I have A LOT of doo-dads and what-nots to organize and store. I decided to give you a small glimpse into my workspace and share some craft and organization related tips that have helped me stay sane : ) I live in a 2 bedroom house, and one of those bedrooms I have turned into my craft/work room.

Okay...so it's not that impressive, but I try hard to keep it organized and somewhat manageable : ) Not only is this where all of the Crafty Creations are born, it is where I run my small home business!

Since the room is quite small, I have to make the most of each square inch. I don't have enough floor space to have traditional shelving so I opted for wire shelving that you install onto your walls. It doesn't take up any floor space and you can easily rearrange the shelves any time you want! I bought my shelving in a kit at Lowe's, but you can also find this kind of shelving at Walmart and Target.

Since I mostly sew, I have tons of fabric and thread. I keep my fabric on the wire shelving and I keep my thread on thread racks next to my sewing machine. Thread racks can be found at most fabric stores and are totally worth the $ if you have tons of thread like me.

I also store my bobbin thread in a bobbin thread box that has a lid. My mother-in-law just told me about another ingenious way to store bobbins....Toe separators! Toe separators are used to separate your toes during a pedicure. They are dirt cheap and will keep your threads from unraveling! Thanks for the idea, Becky!

This table is where all the crafts are made and where all my sewing is done. In the background of most of my tutorial pics, you will often see the yellow mat that is laying on the table. It is a self healing cutting mat and it keeps my table from getting cut up when I use my rotary cutter.

The measurement guides up the sides of the mat are also helpful! I also use clear measuring rulers. They are meant for quilting, but they are dead useful in just general sewing. Be careful when choosing your rulers. Some brands have measurement marks that eventually rub off. I like Omnigrid brand. Their marks are engraved into the plastic so it will never fade or disappear.

Underneath the table is where I keep all of my scrap fabric. I never ever throw away scrap fabric because there are soooo many thing you can make with scraps!

As for my pins and needles, I store them on a magnetic thingy I found at the dollar store. Anything with a strong magnetic surface will work.

I also have a metal board on my wall that holds tins with a magnetic bottom. These are great for storing beads and other small items.

Another option for storing small items is compartmentalized plastic bins. This one is from ARTBIN and I got it from Joann's Fabric store. They stack nicely and you can adjust the compartment walls
to fit your needs.

When purchasing ribbon you can buy it by the roll or by the yard. If you purchase it buy the yard, ask the person cutting the ribbon if she has any empty ribbon spools she plans on throwing away. After having your ribbon cut you can roll the ribbon on the spool and store it neatly until you are ready to use it.

I didn't acquire all of this stuff overnight : ) I am very patient and wait for good sales to roll along! The stores that I shop at most often are Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Hancock Fabrics, and Joann Fabrics. They all have great sales and even better coupons! If you go to their websites, you can view the week's sales flyer's and sign up for e-mails. Their e-mails often send you bonus coupons and give you a heads up on big sales coming your way! If you don't feel like pursuing all of the different sites for coupons, you can go to http://www.mycraftcoupons.com/ . They do a good job of posting all of the current craft coupons for many different craft stores.

I hope this post has given you some useful tips and good ideas :) With Christmas season practically here, it's more important than ever to stay organized! Speaking of Christmas... I can't wait to show you all of the Christmas Crafty Creations I have coming your way! Check in this Friday for a tutorial geared towards the furrier family members in your home... And, also make sure to keep checking in because, starting December 1st, we are kicking off a week long string of tutorials geared towards Christmas decorating and gift giving! Yeah!

If YOU have any great tips or tricks to stay organized, we'd love to hear them! Leave a comment below, and maybe we'll post your idea on the blog!



  1. WOW! I'm extremely impressed! Beautiful

    I have to stay very organized to keep all my art and craft stuff neatly in my home (I'm a fine artist oil painter and a handspinner and a crafter (plus 2 little kids, 2 dogs and a husband in here!) so I understand the challenges.

    This looks really great - thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE the toe separator idea! Never heard that one before reading this post!